About Us

Empowering Young Girls With Flamboyance!

We are Lei-Chie, a one-stop-shop for girls clothing. We started our journey in 2005. Over the years, we have transformed every moment in your girl’s life into a stylish and #lovelyLeiChiemoment.

From parties to playtime and everything in between, we manufacture the most fashionable clothes for your girl child. These innovative designs will always delight your little princess and make her look elegant.

While we are renowned for our eye-catching designs, our cloth material is of supreme quality. It stands the test of time and makes your little one feel comfortable inside, beautiful outside!

Our founder Mr Raju Thakkar has an enriching experience of 35+ years in the garment industry. He has nurtured relationships throughout his career and as a result, we have worked with 1200+ retailers across India.

So, are you ready to give your lovely girl a gift of #lovelyleichiemoment? Shop our products to make your girl look cute and charming, all day long!

We also do exports and accept bulk order requirements. For more details, you can write to leichie.co@gmail.com or dial +91 7977024104 for assistance.